Doll House Miniatures: Not Just Child’s Play

Posted on June 1st, 2016 by admin in Toy Dolls House Ideas

When people talk about doll houses, the first idea that usually pops into their heads is that these are toys for children to play with. While these are indeed toys and children do play with them, a lot of people see them as something more. People who are fond of collecting things find that doll houses, particularly doll house miniatures, are a joy to collect. If you are someone who loves to collect things and you are looking for something new and interesting to add to your collections, you might want to consider doll house miniatures.

Finding good quality doll house miniatures can be easy as long as you know where to look and what you are looking for. While some people opt to collect the newer and more modern doll house miniatures that are available in the market, others decide to go the vintage route and collect antique miniature doll houses. You can find these items on a lot of places online. There are toy stores that sell these miniatures online and there are sites that are totally devoted to the collecting of these old miniatures.

While you can easily find a lot of sites that do sell brand new doll house miniatures to those who collect them, finding the vintage and antique ones may be a bit more difficult to achieve. People find that getting these old toys into their collections somewhat fulfilling since these are indeed harder to find and therefore viewed as more valuable by the more serious collectors. You will find that a lot of the older pieces that you are looking for can only be found on specialty sites and on auction sites. Some of the more popular vintage doll house miniatures that you can find come from the 1920s to the 1950s era and these are often some of the hardest ones to find.

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  1. tara

    Really enjoying this site. Have always loved dollhouses, first as a child and then as an adult in love with history and…cute sparkly things!!! My hobby is recreating a Victorian mansion to Barbie scale and I hope to pick up a few pointers here, as well as share some ideas of my own.

    All the best, Tara

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