Different Styles of Doll Houses

Posted on June 12th, 2016 by admin in Toy Dolls House Resources

When it comes to collecting doll houses, one of the things collectors sometimes focus on is the style of the doll houses that they are collecting. Some collectors focus on one particular style or design for their collection, while others try to integrate the many different styles you can find these miniature houses in. What are the many different doll house styles that people collect and which ones are the most popular?

One of the most popular types you will find being collected by doll house aficionados is probably the Victorian style doll house. These miniature houses are made in the style of the Victorian era and are often as elaborate and as detailed as the houses that they are copying. Another very popular style when it comes to these little houses is the Georgian style doll house that features solid columns, wide front porches, arched doorways and tall glass windows. These two old-fashioned doll house designs and styles are often collected by serious doll house collectors who love the ornate and grandiose designs of those eras.

Other doll house styles that you can find for your collection or for your child to play with are doll houses that are made to look like country cottages, log cabins and even those lovely pastel colored houses of the 60’s and 70’s. You can also find a Tudor style doll house that you can add to your collection although you should be forewarned that Tudor style miniature houses are considered to be rather uncommon and somewhat difficult to find.

You will also find that these doll house collectibles can come made with the use of a variety of materials. There are wooden ones, plastic ones and combination material ones that you can find being sold online and in toy and craft stores near you.

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