Build Your Doll House Furniture

Posted on May 28th, 2016 by admin in Toy Dolls House Ideas

While doll houses may be built using doll house building kits that you can easily buy, the furniture that you use in your doll house need not be made from similar kits that you can also easily purchase. You can opt for doll house furniture that is made with the use of everyday items that you can find in your home. For example, you can use old wooden thread spools for a dining table base and a round wooden coaster for the table top. You can also use old egg cartons, pipe cleaners, old toothpaste caps and other similar items you can find in your home to create unique doll house furniture with.

The furniture that you will be able to create with the use of these common, everyday materials you can find around the house need not look rustic or unimpressive if you only take the time to make them look good with the use of paints and embellishments. For example, the doll house dining table we just described earlier made with an old wooden thread spool and a wooden coaster can be made to look like a real classy dining table with the use of a lace doily on top which will look like a lace table cover.

If you find that creating your own doll house furniture from these household items is just not your thing, you can choose to buy doll house furniture kits that are often sold together with the many doll houses you can choose from in toy stores and craft shops. Just make sure that you can easily follow the instructions that come with these do-it-yourself doll house furniture kits and that you have the tools and the rest of the materials needed to complete these things. You need to have the glue, the paints, sandpaper and the other tools that you will need to complete the doll house furniture that you are assembling on hand to easily complete this task.

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